Fontaine Fantasy Blind Pack Custom Case (12 Decks) Playing Cards

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Fontaine Fantasy Blind Pack Custom Case (12 Decks in a FREE custom brick case) Playing Cards are back for a LIMITED TIME!

Fontaine Fantasies Blind Pack Playing Cards are an exciting combination of anticipation, mystery, great aesthetics, and quality cards.

Fontaine Fantasies (Blind Pack) Playing Cards includes a chance to get ONE of 10 decks (or one of 2 mystery decks) that are wrapped in blind packs and distributed at random.
You do not know what card you have until you open the outer pack.

What is inside?
Will you have one of the coveted Rare, Ultra-Rare or Secret Variants?

But everyone is a winner with Fontaine Fantasies (Blind Pack) Playing Cards.

Fontaine Fantasies are in such demand, no matter which version you get, it is thrilling to show off these decks, in your hands or your collection.
Fontaine Fantasies are stunning to look at and feel incredible as you handle them.

With skyrocketing prices on the aftermarket for collectors, incredible feel for cardists and magicians as well as intriguing designs…Fontaine Playing Cards are extremely valuable.

Coral – 1 of 3500
Cell – 1 of 3500
Terazzo – 1 of 3500
Splatter – 1 of 3500

Printed at USPCC. Commons feature standard courts and custom jokers and ad cards.

Pimlico – 1 of 2500
Gradient – 1 of 2500
Discovery – 1 of 2500

For the Uncommons, they feature vibrant, colorful borders, and full bleed faces of a contrasting color.
Pimlico and Gradient are printed by the USPCC.
Discovery features a die cut window box and is printed by Legends PCC.

Oops! All Jokers – 1 of 1500
Clay – 1 of 1500

Printed by the USPCC and fully custom courts.

Grid – 1 of 750

2 Secret Variants
1 of 200
1 of 500

Printed by USPCC

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