Flying Ring by Gaeton Bloom
Flying Ring by Gaeton Bloom
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Flying Ring by Gaeton Bloom

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Many years ago, the great Al Koran invented a wonderful effect that became a classic in magic: The Flying Ring. That effect was first published in Koran’s “Professional Presentations”, and was marketed by Unique Magic Studio of London in 60’s. After Al Koran invention, many improved versions with different reel layouts were conceived. Now, Vernet is proud to present, from one of the most creative minds in the word of magic, GAETAN BLOOM, the most baffling and practical version of the Flying Ring.

The basic effect is this: the magician asks a finger ring from a lady, vanish it, and it reappears hooked in a clip inside his key case.

  • No Need to Wear a Coat
  • No Set-Up, Perfect for Strolling or Restaurant Magic
  • Spectator May Examine and Hold the Key Case Before the Ring Appears Inside

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