Flash Me by Les French Twins
Flash Me by Les French Twins
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Flash Me by Les French Twins

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A creation by Les French Twins.

Imagine presenting a blank business card with a QR code to your spectator.

They choose a celebrity, a country, an animal or a movie… You, then show a QR code and ask the spectator to scan it with their phone to reveal the prediction, their thought! The spectator tries to scan the QR code, but it doesn’t work- the QR code isn’t recognized by their phone. You then reveal that today, QR codes aren’t flashed with a phone but with a lighter! Lighting the lighter and bringing it close to the QR code, it visually transforms, and some pixels rearrange to reveal the spectator’s thought.

Extremely visual and very easy to use!

6 revelations x2 included:

  • 2x Will Smith
  • 2x Spiderman
  • 2x 3 of Hearts
  • 2x Marilyn Monroe
  • 2x Panda
  • 2x Eiffel Tower
  • Detailed explanation video (French/English)

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