Finger Tip Set (2007) by Vernet
Finger Tip Set (2007) by Vernet
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Finger Tip Set (2007) by Vernet

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Vernet Thumb Tips and any of Vernet Finger Tips, have a lot of possibilities:


  • They are useful for professionals of amateurs.
  • They can be used in close-up, parlour, stage magic or mentalism.
  • You can perform appearances, disappearances, transformations, gags, and many more kinds of effects.
  • You can do tricks with silks, strings, spoons, coins, bills, threads, water, salt, fire, pencils, papers, matches, rubber bands…

With Vernet’s Finger Tips you are ready to do real miracles in any place and at any time.

Vernet Finger Tips are an exact copy of human fingers, so they defy detection. They are manufactured in an exclusive, semi-flexible and unbreakable material. His particular colour and lack of brightness have been attained after years of practice and knowledge.

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