Fantasma (Vision) Playing Cards by Thirdway Industries
Fantasma (Vision) Playing Cards by Thirdway Industries
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Fantasma (Vision) Playing Cards by Thirdway Industries

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Fantasma Revenant is a series by Thirdway Industries inspired by ghosts. Vision is the second deck of the series, printed with neon inks, fluorescent under blacklight. This deck feature an experimental sleeve made in Italy by Boschiero & Newton.

  • Spirit has a white/neon/holographic sleeve printed by Boschiero & Newton
  • This sleeve features neon foil overlapped with a layer of holographic, wavy, transparent foil!
  • The sleeve is printed on premium paper, foiled, embossed and with a cutout on front
  • Inside the sleeve there is another box, printed with neon ink!
  • Embossing
  • Courts, pips, jokers printed with neon ink (visible in normal condition and fluorescent under blacklight)
  • Fantasma cards are printed by USPCC

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