E.S.P. Domino Principle by Mark Strivings & Ray Piatt
E.S.P. Domino Principle by Mark Strivings & Ray Piatt
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E.S.P. Domino Principle by Mark Strivings & Ray Piatt

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Mark Strivings presents… Ray Piatt’s Close Up Classic E.S.P. Domino Principle

Here’s a self-working tabletop miracle prediction that is instantly and endlessly repeatable with a different outcome every time. Literally works all by itself.

A ‘game’ of dominoes is played using a unique set of pieces that have ESP symbols on them. Once every piece has been played the performer cleanly shows that he had predicted the outcome of the game ahead of time. This can be instantly repeated with a different result every time.

Points to remember:

  • ZERO sleight of hand
  • ZERO memory work
  • 100% inspectable at any time
  • Spectator has complete control over the proceedings
  • The performer does dangerously close to nothing
  • Instantly repeatable
  • Different outcome every time
  • Constantly ready to go
  • Entirely self working

It simply doesn’t get any easier than this! Have this in your case and you’ve got a winner that is perpetually ready to go. Just take it out and do it.

Includes both Ray Piatt’s handling as well as Mark Strivings killer three-phase routine that builds in impossibility with each phase. Includes 14 specially printed ESP Dominoes on heavy card stock.

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