Drawn by Armanujjaman Abir
Drawn by Armanujjaman Abir
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Drawn by Armanujjaman Abir

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Have a card selected and tear a corner off from that card. Next, your take that corner piece and drop it on top of your deck visually and magically the card piece changes into a sharpie drawing! This looks like CGI but done in real life circumstances.

Drawn is not only limited to playing cards but anything small and flat will work e.g a piece of a bill, sugar packet, billet etc. Simply drop it and change it into a drawing!

Right after the super-visual chance, the card can be handed out for examination and may be kept by the spectator as an amazing, unique souvenir!

The unique, hand-build gimmick is very well built and makes performing this visual gem very easy.

Drawn comes complete with ready to perform red backed Bicycle stock gimmick, additional gimmicks and online instructions.

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