Disecto Arm Chopper Painted by Mr. Magic
Disecto Arm Chopper Painted by Mr. Magic
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Disecto Arm Chopper Painted by Mr. Magic

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The magician brings a spectacular-looking cutting instrument onto the stage. Explaining that he would like to test the courage of one of his audience members, he invites the most courageous person to volunteer. The magician requests this person to put their right hand through the hole in the device. The magician slowly pushes down the blade and the spectator indicates they feel some pain – they can definitely feel the blade on top of their hand. They remove their hand, and the magician places a vegetable (e.g., a cucumber) in the hole and pushes the blade down. The cucumber is sliced into two pieces. The spectator replaces their hand in the device. The Magician pushes the blade down to the bottom of the apparatus. The spectator’s hand is amazingly unharmed, is removed, and is shown to the audience to thunderous applause!

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