Dirty Drop Cloth Magnetic (MUDDY) by David Alan Magic
Dirty Drop Cloth Magnetic (MUDDY) by David Alan Magic
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Dirty Drop Cloth Magnetic (MUDDY) by David Alan Magic

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Effect: A crisp, clean towel that has been casually used throughout your performance suddenly becomes covered with handprints at your command.

David Alan’s Dirty Hand Towel is back with a bold and stunning new look made for the professional stage. The towel is exceptional and luxurious. It has one extremely attractive caveat that has made professional performers shy away from its potential. A locking flap! This flap allows the towel to reset itself simply by turning it back over! Yes! An automatic reset that also allows you to casually toss the towel to your assistant without fear of exposing the secret. Leave it in plain view on your table and use it throughout your act. When the time is right, just unlock it and “drop the cloth” to reveal the grungy finish. The quality of this effect makes for a truly dependable and lasting addition to your shows for years to come.

Made for the professional and machine washable.

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