Digital (Red) by Abir and Mark Mason
Digital (Red) by Abir and Mark Mason
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Digital (Red) by Abir and Mark Mason

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I am not sure I can really do this justice in writing. You have to see DIGITAL to believe it. This is a changing card like no other.

A prediction inside an envelope is placed on the table. From a regular deck, a card is selected. Let’s say they select the 4 OF HEARTS. The card is returned to the deck and the deck is given a shuffle. The top card of the deck is turned over its the 6 of SPADES. This card is placed onto the spectator’s hand as you claim you knew they would select the 6 OF SPADES as it matches your PREDICTION.

The prediction is removed, and a card is show, WRITTEN across it in big bold BLACK INK is the 6 of SPADES. The spectator claims they selected the 4 of HEARTS. This is no problem; The prediction is given a slow shake, and the WORDS VISIBLY change to the 4 of HEARTS. They are now instructed to look at the card they are holding, and this too has now changed into the 4 of HEARTS.

This looks so MAGICAL. Everyone is hand made. You will love performing DIGITAL.

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