Die Cast by Merlins Magic
Die Cast by Merlins Magic
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Die Cast by Merlins Magic

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A deck of cards is spread across the table and a spectator freely slides a card out from the spread. The spectator can change their mind if they wish. Once the spectator is happy, they look at, and remember their selected card. They now bury the selected card back into the spread. The cards are squared and a die is introduced. The die is blank (no spots). The magician explains that the spectator will need to use their imagination. The deck is dealt into six even piles and the spectator rolls the die and calls out the number rolled! Packets of cards are eliminated, and then individual cards, all under the spectator’s total control.

Finally, one card remains. The spectator names the card selected for the first time. The lone card is turned face up and is found to be the spectator’s selection!

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