Deck Switcher trick Fantasio
Deck Switcher trick Fantasio
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Deck Switcher trick Fantasio

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A Brilliant Device Which Allows You To Imperceptibly Switch Decks Easily

“With Deck Switcher the magician has an elegant solution for one of the cardman’s mportant problems-how to imperceptibly switch a deck. Fantasio’s mechanical deck switch is easy to do, safe in operation and impossible to detect. It’s a brilliant idea and I recommend it unreservedly.”
-Roberto Giobbi

“It fills a gap in card magic and it does it marvelously.”
-Juan Tamariz

“Simply beautiful and beautifully simple. I want one!”
-David Williamson

“A lot of possibilities. This idea will keep you busy for a long time.”
-Jim Steinmeyer

“There’s a world of opportunities inside this clever little box.”
-Max Maven

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