DECIPHER MANILA by Manoj Kaushal
DECIPHER MANILA by Manoj Kaushal
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DECIPHER MANILA by Manoj Kaushal

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Decipher is the most powerful, easiest-to-master peek envelope in mentalism.

Decipher anything that a spectator writes or draws!

Hand a business card to your spectator to write or draw anything they want. They place the business card inside the envelope you are holding. You close the flap, show both sides of the envelope, lay it on the table and now, you are loaded with the secret information.

Decipher takes all of the limitations of its competitor, and checks them off in bold. With this new design:

  • You can show both sides of the envelope
  • No reset
  • Large writing area writing area gives room for bigger messages
  • Most importantly, now the moment of peek makes total sense.

Manoj Kaushal brings his personal peek envelope, Decipher, to the fraternity for the first time. You’ll learn, step by step, how to use this incredible tool, including routines, tips and subtleties that will enable you to consistently amaze your audiences.

If that wasn’t enough, we have included “3 Decipher envelopes” in every order.

This is a must have for ANY performer. The method is so perfect and smooth that it allows you to amaze your audience no matter how big or small the setting.

In 20 minutes of instruction, Manoj gives you an in-depth peek at a powerhouse gimmick that could easily be incorporated into your existing routines.

Decipher is simple to learn, easy to use and delivers amazing results.

Grab it now and take your mentalism to the next level!

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