Dancers Thumbs by Hugo Valenzuela
Dancers Thumbs by Hugo Valenzuela
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Dancers Thumbs by Hugo Valenzuela

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Fun, visual and original!

Three words that describe the effect.

Hugo Valenzuela winner of two FISM awards presents “Dancers Thumbs

Select a music from your smartphone.

Paste a different color or shape on your thumbs.

You will remove your jacket and show it from both sides.

Hold your jacket in your hands and your thumbs will start to dance on it.

One of the thumbs will cross completely to join the partner.

The music you choose will accompany the action.

But, there is more!

The thumb that did not walk …will disappear and appear on the other side in 1 second!

Now, viewers will see (by the colors) that the thumbs changed hands!


– Case
– Gimmicks
– Online instructions (three ways to present it)

Dancers Thumbs created by HUGO VALENZUELA

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