Dance Lessons by Chris Wiehl video DOWNLOAD
Dance Lessons by Chris Wiehl video DOWNLOAD
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Dance Lessons by Chris Wiehl video DOWNLOAD

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Think a playing card and coin can’t dance? Christopher Wiehl is here to show you that they can. They can even fuse together.

“Dance Lessons” is Christopher’s unique twist on the Anniversary Waltz where you will be able to take a playing card and a spectator signed coin, and combine them into a miracle. The spectator will witness a even cause a visible penetration of their signed coin directly into a playing card. The card never leaves the spectator’s sight

The best part is that you can hand the card to your spectator and have them rip open the card to find their signed coin, firmly and tightly nested INSIDE the card. They can keep both the card and the coin for an unforgettable souvenir. Dance Lessons involves a straight forward setup and easy to perform for a moment that will stick in their heads forever. Time to make your reputation with Dance Lessons.

  • Easy Setup
  • Easy to perform
  • Spectator’s Signed coin
  • Spectator tears card
  • Leave them with a great souvenir!


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