ChequePoint Basic by Hide & Creators P
ChequePoint Basic by Hide & Creators P
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ChequePoint Basic by Hide & Creators P

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Checkpoint – is a casual trick with rip up and restoration of a receipt.

“Uh show me something!?” – popular situation in life of magician.

During these moments, simple magic tricks like “choose the card” do not want to be shown.
Magician wants to feel himself like Dinamo or David Blaine, which create magical improvisation with handy items.
We all know, that the best improvisation is a prepared performance.

Checkpoint – is a prepared improvisation created by “Creators P” – (Evgeny Gorlanov and Arseny Tsaran)

They were inspired by Dan Harlan and Shawn Farquhar principal and created their own routine:

A spectator signs the receipt and then rips it up with illusionist.
Afterwards, the receipt gets restored, but in the wrong order.
The magician presents that extraordinary receipt with a sign to the spectator as a souvenir.

  • No substitutions
  • No glue, no scotch tape or magnets
  • The receipt really rips up
  • The spectator sings the receipt
  • Magical receipt can be presented to the spectator as a souvenir

Basic version contains 10 receipts
Pro version contains 30 receipts


– Evgeny Gorlanov and Arseny Tsaran – creators of the routine
– Shawn Farquhar – Torn 2 pieces
– Dan Harlan – Crazy eighth/crazy cash

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