CHANGE 3 by Arie Bhojez video DOWNLOAD
CHANGE 3 by Arie Bhojez video DOWNLOAD
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CHANGE 3 by Arie Bhojez video DOWNLOAD

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CHANGE 3 is a very visual effect by Arie Bhojez


Triple X: A spectator selects a card, signs it, and holds it in their hand. Then the magician draws three X’s on the card box. Here’s when the magic happens! The magician shakes the box, the X’s disappear one by one and appear on the spectator’s card.

Draw to Real: A spectator selects a card and the magician tears its corner off and it disappears in the magician’s hand. As the magician shakes the card box, a drawing of the corner of the card appears on the card box. When the magician shakes the box again, the drawing turns into the real corner of the card!!!

There are lot of tricks you can perform with this gimmick. You can develop it as far as your imagination goes. No threads. No magnets. Easy to make a gimmick.


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