Case Dismissed Red by Mark Mason
Case Dismissed Red by Mark Mason
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Case Dismissed Red by Mark Mason

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A BRILLIANT OPENING EFFECT. It looks so magical. Never remove your cards from the box, Just make the card case DISAPPEAR!

This hand-built gimmick is creating a real buzz around the magic world.

Mark’s Brand new method for vanishing a card box, LOOKS PHENOMENAL.

The method and gimmick are like no other. The vanish can be performed only inches from your spectator.
The card case simply vanishes into THIN AIR.
Mark has created a BRAND NEW type of magnetic flap system with 3 moving parts. Yes, you read that correctly, 3 moving parts!
The flap has no middle step at the BEGINING OR AT THE END after the vanish.
It is also powered in a new unique way, the power comes from UNDERNEATH the gimmick.

It is visually stunning!
Super easy to perform
Resets in a few seconds
Magnetically locks


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