Capture the Moment by Tristan Magic eBook - Download
Capture the Moment by Tristan Magic eBook – Download
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Capture the Moment by Tristan Magic eBook – Download

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Capture the Moment by Tristan Magic (PDF)

A special piece of magic, straight from Tristan’s repertoire!

A card trick for couples! Perfect for weddings and all types of events!

The magician puts a mysterious card on the table. Then, as he spreads the cards, he asks a couple to join hands and select -together- a random card. Once they do, he hands them a marker to write their initials on the front of the card… “Just like couples used to do in the old days, on trees”.

The couples’ card is returned and lost in the deck. The magician points to the card he left on the table, at the beginning, and asks if they have any idea what it might be. He turns it over and shows a white – blank card. “It’s a card that captures time. Like a photograph, only instead of faces and figures, it captures the moment…” He turns it face down. He takes the marker and writes the date and a dedication… “A Moment to Remember!”

The Magician asks the couple to join their palms together and hold the blank card. Then, he leads them on an emotional journey through their common memories. “But what is a moment?” Through a poetic script, he shows out all the cards of the deck, showing them that every single card has names and dates, signed by other couples. The effect ends with the couple turning over the card, which is between their hands, and now has transformed into their own, having held, on the back, the magician’s dedication and date!

A magic effect with a touching script and magical moments that will be remembered forever!


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