Buddha Envelopes (Professional) by Nikhil Magic
Buddha Envelopes (Professional) by Nikhil Magic
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Buddha Envelopes (Professional) by Nikhil Magic

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Be a money magic master!

The magician displays a large sized folded envelope, then he unfolds it and shows there is medium sized folded envelope, he then unfolds the medium sized envelope and shows another small sized folded envelope inside, again he unfolds the small sized envelope and a blank paper is found inside.

The magician shows the blank paper from both sides and puts it back in the small size envelope, and re-folds all the envelopes. Then the magician does a magical gesture on it, and unfolds all the envelopes.

Amazingly the blank paper turns into a real one dollar bill…

Again the magician places the dollar bill inside the small envelope and re-folds all the envelopes and again does a magical gesture on it.

Surprisingly, the one dollar bill changes to a 10 dollar bill…

Now the 10 dollar bill is placed inside the small envelope, and the magician does a magical gesture on it.

Wow! Again the 10 dollar bill changed to a 100 dollar bill…

With this prop you can use any currency, or use multicolored papers and show color change effects.

The possibilities are definitely unlimited.

Packs small but plays a big role.

We supply you all three envelopes and instructions, you use your own bills.

Extra Performance Ideas:
These Envelopes can be used to produce, vanish or change ANY flat item that will fit inside them – a secret message, a business card, etc.

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