Bucket List by Vinny Sagoo
Bucket List by Vinny Sagoo
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Bucket List by Vinny Sagoo

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Showing a bunch of ripped up photos, you SPIN a yarn about places that are still on your bucket list like the Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Statue of Liberty.

The spectator mixes up all the photos and lays them down in a 4 x 4 square. You then turn over random photos so that some are face up and others are face down.

The spectator then folds the photos on top of each other in a random fashion, mixing them up further, until there is only ONE pile.

You open your plastic case and the prediction states that there will be 4 face down photos. When you separate the face up and face down photos, you were CORRECT, only 4 are face down!

You then turn the prediction over to show a picture of the statue of liberty and when the 4 photos are assembled, they form the statue of liberty… WELL, apart from one piece that is from the Eiffel Tower.

It has gone wrong…

You then turn the prediction card over again and it now matches EXACTLY, even with the WRONG section!

  • EASY to do
  • NO sleight of hand
  • NO extra cards, photos or other gimmicks
  • Comes with FOUR different predictions
  • Can be REPEATED
  • INCLUDES plastic carry case
  • No MATH involved
  • SPECIAL smudge-free photos.

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