Boom (Purple) Playing Cards
Boom (Purple) Playing Cards
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Boom (Purple) Playing Cards

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The Boom we present to you this time is the expressive fashion sense of the new generation. This original theme card Boom will explode in your visual world like a bomb, just as its name implies.

The design of the Boom card back is unique; it adopts a one-way design in the style of comic storyboards. Through the clever combination of several frames of storyboards, a series of Boom pictures with great visual impact are presented.

At the same time, Boom is not a one-way design for one-way purposes but is considered from the user’s perspective: it focuses on the cardistry, and has made clever ideas for the effects of fanning and cutting cards. Such a one-way design not only allows the cards to leave a beautiful track in the card cutting movement, but also adds charm to the whole. When you pick up this deck of cards, just starting from the color matching – the vibrant and energetic “Glacier Blue” and “Taro Purple” will make you shine. Glacier Blue is bright and light, like a cold glacier, clean and mysterious; Taro Purple is dreamy and warm, as gentle as a dream, full of hazy atmosphere. Boom suit points and card face have original customized designs and Easter egg points.

Adhering to high-quality original design is our commitment to all players. The JQK image adopts the universal visual design scheme originally designed by Hanguang, and adds theme Easter eggs to some of the head cards, injecting more vitality into this theme card. The whole deck of cards, while maintaining the core of the classic design language, is injected with trendy and fashionable innovative elements, making the design highly unique and recognizable, full of vitality, and more in line with modern aesthetics.

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