Bebel Vallarino: Inspiration Vol 2 video DOWNLOAD
Bebel Vallarino: Inspiration Vol 2 video DOWNLOAD
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Bebel Vallarino: Inspiration Vol 2 video DOWNLOAD

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If you enjoyed volume 1, you will love volume 2

Inspiration  is Bebel and Vallarino’s take on some classic tricks from Ed Marlo. First, they show the original version described by Marlo. Then, they discuss and brainstorm on how to improve the original trick to come out with a newer version.

This is also one of the unique opportunity to watch one of the best card magicians in the world perform : Bebel.

There are so few and rare footage of him, this is really worth the purchase. Bebel motivates each and every one of his moves and actions. In this Download, you will understand why his moves are so fluid, why his action are logical and how they are motivated. Beyond the tricks and techniques explained, it is a philosophy of doing card magic described for the first time. Not to mention Jean-Pierre Vallarino, FISM winner and creator of multiple tricks and videos over the years, this Download you do not want to miss.


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