Barnløs (Video Download plus Limited Deck of Cards) by Rune Klan
Barnløs (Video Download plus Limited Deck of Cards) by Rune Klan
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Barnløs (Video Download plus Limited Deck of Cards) by Rune Klan

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Celebrate the greatest magic show you may have never even heard of.

In his native land of Denmark, Rune Klan is a mega-star. He can’t walk down the street without being stopped for autographs or photos. Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin have also said on numerous occasions that Rune Klan is quite possibly one of the best magicians alive.

Now, Vanishing Inc. is excited to give you the opportunity to experience the hilarious and ingenious magic of Rune Klan for yourself.

Known for pushing the boundaries of magic, Rune developed a touring magic show in 2018 called “Barnløs” (or “Childless”). This one-of-a-kind show documented his nearly decade-long journey to become a dad.

In vintage Rune Klan style, “Barnløs” perfectly balances being both hilarious and heartfelt. It’s filled with some of the most original magic we’ve ever seen and features revolutionary routines centered around everything from discovering how his infertility ruined his chances to conceive to his attempts to adopt a child in Denmark and even his exploration into the world of adopting a child from Africa.

Barnløs” is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. And now, as part of this special release, you can enjoy an incredible, crystal-clear HD filming of this live production as it was performed for sold out audiences in Denmark’s most prestigious theaters. To ensure this incredible work of art is experienced the way it was meant to be, it has been recorded in Danish (Rune’s native language) and given English subtitles.

In addition to instant streaming or download access, you’ll also get a commemorative deck of cards. Wrapped in a gorgeous collectable box, this is a must-have deck of cards for any serious deck collector.

Additionally, as Rune does speak fluent English, after the show, he sits down for a captivating interview in English. He discusses everything from his creative process to how he continues to evolve his career and performances. It’s a truly intimate gem from one of magic’s most imaginative performers and creators.

A winner of countless theatrical awards, “Barnløs” (“Childless”) is Rune’s crowning achievement. It is the perfect representation of a generational shift in magic toward the importance of self-expression. You’ll emerge from this show and interview with a stronger appreciation for Rune and a deeper connection to his unique journey as a human being.

Rune Klan is a name that any magician curious about making original and meaningful magic should know. Watching him perform in his native land and discuss his approach to magic is an invaluable opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

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