B-SWITCH by Vanbien video DOWNLOAD
B-SWITCH by Vanbien video DOWNLOAD
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B-SWITCH by Vanbien video DOWNLOAD

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B-SWITCH is a new effect from the transposition concept; the cards switch in a spectator’s hand!

The magician and a spectator each choose a card from the deck and sign it. Then the magician and the spectator fold their cards in half twice. The spectator gives her card back to the magician who will put the two folded cards one on top of the other and puts them into the spectator’s hand. The magician asks the spectator to close her hands and pulls out her chosen signed card from her hand. With a wave the magician changes the spectator’s card into his signed card. The spectator opens her hand and sees her signed card still in her hand!

-Easy to make gimmick
-Easy to perform
-Very clean and visual.


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