Appearing Flower Wand by Alan Wong
Appearing Flower Wand by Alan Wong
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Appearing Flower Wand by Alan Wong

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A lifetime journey begins with a single step.

This is not a closing finale for a FISM gala show, but rather the most humble beginner’s trick that almost every young children magic lesson will start with – The Appearing Flower Wand.

This is a high quality version appearing flower wand with a color metal flower bucket and an instant appearance of three brightly colored feather flowers with foliage, from a classic magic wand.

It is the common answer to the question “What was the very first trick that you ever performed?” by most young magicians. This is more than an instant trick, this may be the gateway for many young aspiring magicians to begin their life long magic journey.

Watch the demo by three year old promising magician Santorini!

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