Amnesia by Vincent Hedan - Book
Amnesia by Vincent Hedan – Book
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Amnesia by Vincent Hedan – Book

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Amnesia means “loss of memory” in Spanish, because my book explores the famous Mnemonica memorized deck by Juan Tamariz, WITHOUT having to memorize it!

After 15 years of research on Mnemonica, Vincent Hedan discovered surprising properties thanks to which you can perform impossible effects, WITHOUT knowing the order of the deck. You just need a regular deck, then you arrange it in the order indicated in the book and you follow the routines step by step.

The repertoire contains visual effects and mentalism effects, fully self-working effects and more technical effects, and everything can be done with a simple, regular deck of playing cards.

If you want to perform impressive card magic, work on new concepts and new sleights, and entertain your spectators, you will find value in this new book.

Enjoy the power of Mnemonica, and offer miracles to your audience!

9 effects, more than 200 pages, in English, with more than 300 illustrations.

The book has a 13cm x 21cm format, a soft cover, and glued binding.

The book gives you access to the 13 videos in English and the bonus download.

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