Alexander: The Crystal Seer by Wayne Dobson
Alexander: The Crystal Seer by Wayne Dobson
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Alexander: The Crystal Seer by Wayne Dobson

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A deck of cards are introduced to the spectator and a business card of Alexander: The Crystal Seer

The performer explains that one of the cards is completely different to the rest and it is up to the spectator to guess, out of 52 cards, where it is.

A couple of clues are given and the spectator thinks of a number. Then using a business card or piece of paper, the information is written down.

The spectator looks on the other side of the business card at a list of numbers, each with a playing cards next to them and notes this down on the business card.

The performer then asks whether the spectator wants to use any of the numbers on the business card or change their mind and chose a completely different number.

The cards are counted to the number chosen, in fact the spectator can finish the count.

The first kicker is that all the cards are blank, except one, the second kicker is that the only printed card is at the chosen number and the final kicker is that the chosen card is on the back!

  • No force, the spectator can freely choose a number. (There are a bank of numbers you want the spectator to chose from, but this is deviously hidden in the patter of the trick)
  • No Rough & Smooth (If you want, the spectator can keep the cards after)

The blank deck idea was inspired by Craig Petty and his Quantum Deck

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