Adirshta - The Unseen by Shibin Sahadevan video DOWNLOAD
Adirshta – The Unseen by Shibin Sahadevan video DOWNLOAD
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Adirshta – The Unseen by Shibin Sahadevan video DOWNLOAD

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“Shibin has combined some great ideas into a very flexible presentation that is perfect for Zoom. There is plenty of interaction from the participants and a very nice surprise ending. If you are putting a zoom show together this is definitely worth knowing”
Marc Paul, UK

“I really like it! A very appealing plot (luck and intuition), a surprising end and a method (I should say methods) which fooled me too. Actually, I got fooled twice as I did not see coming the surprising end! Well done!”
Jan Forster, Germany

“Very Nice”
Haim Goldenberg

“It’s Great”
Todd Landman

Tagline – Best effect for Online performance

Adirshta – The Unseen, is a prediction effect which is fool proof in all aspects. Best suited for online shows. The tutorial teaches the whole routine with props you can customize at your home. The idea can be used very much freely to any type of prediction effects.. Words, cards, pictures, favorite beverage, favorite place… You can come with many new ideas with this new concept.


  • No switches
  • No pre show
  • No electronics
  • No verbal stooging
  • Best for online performance

The effect during the design stage received many good response from many top mystery performers worldwide

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