ABhyaas by Abhinav Bothra - Video DOWNLOAD
ABhyaas by Abhinav Bothra – Video DOWNLOAD
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ABhyaas by Abhinav Bothra – Video DOWNLOAD

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ABhyaas Change is a fast and stunning card color change that happens in a split second and a small shake. Often confused to be done using gimmicks, it is 100% IMPROMPTU and requires 100% SLEIGHT OF HAND.

Taught in here are 4 different ways of performing this color change and 3 clean-up options.

[Note from Abhinav Bothra: It was brought to my attention that ABhyaas Change looks similar to Cody Nottingham’s SOLE Change taught in his release Changes. Later, I found out that both changes are different in terms of grip, secret move, end position etc. It’s mere co-incidence that they look similar.]


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