A-Bag-Cadabra by Bazar de Magia
A-Bag-Cadabra by Bazar de Magia
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A-Bag-Cadabra by Bazar de Magia

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The magician shows a bag that looks similar to any change bag, but a fraction of the size. He shows it’s empty and then he produces some silks or whatever he wants! You will also be able to use the bag for disappearances or to change objects, but the best thing is that it can be completely examined!!!

A-Bag-Cadabra is excellent to perform a color changing silk, or to switch the card silk. Use it to make little objects appear or vanish, or to change a one Dollar bill into 4 quarters! Instructions with detailed pictures and ideas included. Very easy to do!!! This is not a change bag, in fact, it doesn’t work like them. It is a new concept and a new idea to produce, vanish, or change something.

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