3 COIN MONTE by Vinny Sagoo
3 COIN MONTE by Vinny Sagoo
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3 COIN MONTE by Vinny Sagoo

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If you like Monte effects, then you will love 3 Coin Monte!

This incredible packet trick comes with a KICKER ending that will BLOW your spectator’s MIND!


You show three cards, two of them have pennies and one has a large gold coin printed on it.

You tell them to keep a track of the gold coin.

You mix the cards and ask them where the gold coin is?

Frustratingly, they keep getting the penny… grrr!

You then fairly show three cards and eliminate one of the penny cards to the table.

This should make it easier to follow the gold coin.

You tell the spectator that they have a 50/50 chance to find the gold coin, as you mix the two cards.

You then ask them to point to the gold coin.

When the card is turned over, it is BLANK, as is the other card!

The spectator can then turn over the card on the table, which has ALL three coins printed on it!

  • Genuine Bicycle cards
  • Full instructions and online tutorial
  • Fun routine with a great story

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