26 CARD INDEX by Matthew Wright

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Folded cards, billets, coins (even dollar size!), bank notes, and more can be indexed into this beautiful new imitation leather index from Matthew Wright.

With 24 slots (12 on each side) and room for two in the top opening, you can index up to 26 items and with Matthew’s easy-to-remember system for quickly finding any, you’ll be able to perform a whole host of miracles.

It’s 13cm wide and 13cm high – it fits perfectly into a jacket or trouser pocket freeing up pocket space and making pocket management a breeze.

Why imitation leather? It gives it that little bit of stretch needed to handle oversized items easily and leather has a tendency to feel ‘sticky’ making it difficult to easily retrieve the item, this low friction texture makes every steal easy.

This is a fantastic utility item with so many uses. We include a very short video explaining the overview but you’ll be able to apply this to anything where you need an index.

Just some of the uses:

  • Index a full deck of cards in (you will need to purchase two)
  • Visions 2020
  • Beyond Reform (any court card named)
  • The Medal
  • Big enough to take Morgan Dollars (Matthew uses this to hold his Final Destination coins and Brass Buttons)
  • Billets
  • Keep props handy in the smaller top pocket! Like the celebrikey for easy retrieval.

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