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Available in Various Versions – To view them all please visit:https://www.magicworld.co.uk/time-smith-watches/

Time Smith Watches Regular Numbers. 3-5 day despatch time.

We welcome the FULL RANGE of Time Smith watches by Benke Smith and Andras Barthazi to our magic shop.

About the SB Watch

The “SB Watch” is the product of András Bártházi. Basically it is an elegant looking hybrid Bluetooth watch, which looks like a “normal” analogue wristwatch. We have designed it to look simple and natural, with 5 different looks to choose from

The retail price of the SB Watch is currently £249.99 with FREE UK SHIPPING, with expected delivery worldwide. Buyers of the SB Watch also get the FULL version of the TimeSmith app worth $100.

What is TimeSmith?

“TimeSmith” is a magic app developed by Benke Smith for Android and iOS. The app is intended to control Bluetooth hybrid watches, mainly by setting the hour and minute hands to show a custom time. The time can be freely selected by the spectator, but it also can be a pre-configured (force) timestamp. The app can also recognise button presses, vibrate the watch and read the status of the battery (depending on the watch model). The number of magic routines and customizable options will grow in time, with the help of the dedicated Facebook community.

The early Beta version of TimeSmith is already available for iOS and Android. It features a few methods for setting the custom time on the watch, so you can try if the app works with your supported watch model or not.

The FULL version of the app will be published soon, as an $100 in-app purchase (or with a $70 direct payment to the developer), and of course it will be FREE for the buyers of the SB Watch.

Build materials and quality

The body of the watch is made of alloy (stainless steel). The watch face is covered by a tempered mineral glass. The glass is quite scratch resistant and durable (we even hit it gently with a hammer a few times and dropped the watch on the floor, and no harm was made). The strap is made of genuine leather, which is black on the outside and light brown on the side. The watch is claimed to have 3ATM water resistance, which we haven’t tested yet. The crown of the watch is actually a button, you can’t pull it out or turn it.

Remote Control

The Time Smith supports many remote controls such as: Manual Phone Input, Swipe Control/input, Remote input with third party devices, voice recognition which is highly accurate and more. The Time Smith can be controlled with the FREE APP (sold for $100 if sold without the watch. This app supports voice recognition that is highly accurate and can be personalised to exact phrases before the chosen time to stop false inputs or undesired times appearing on the watch.

Dimensions & weight

The watch face has 36mm inner and 42mm outer diameter, the main thickness is 11mm (for detailed measures please see the image below). You can easily exchange the original strap with any 20mm standard strap. The default black leather strap is suitable for about 15-20 cm wrist sizes. The SB Watch weights around 50 grams (with the strap).

Replaceable battery

The SB Watch has a replaceable CR2032 button battery, which will power the watch for more than a year if it’s used as a regular watch. Using for magic (moving the hands frequently) drains the battery more, but we still estimate several months of battery life.

Changing the button battery is quite simple, you have to remove the back cover by placing a sharp knife in the small slot near the top right side of the watch (be careful using the knife, don’t hurt yourself or others). Inserting the new battery is a little bit tricky, check the video below. Replacing (pushing) the back cover requires some strength, but don’t worry, the tempered mineral glass is quite durable. Use a special tool for it if you have one.


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