the stranger by Jonathan Levit Review

The Stranger by Jonathan Levit Review 2024

“The Stranger” by Jonathan Levit is a revolutionary magic app that has significantly impacted the world of magic.

I have been using this for the last year and simply had to offer a review on the system and app.  Especially now it offers so many connection with third party apps:


This versatile app, available on both iOS and Android, allows magicians to perform a range of astounding tricks that combine traditional magic with modern technology. The app’s core functionality is its ability to reveal a freely named card through a phone call to a stranger, but its capabilities extend far beyond this.



The magic of “The Stranger” lies in its simplicity and organic feel. The focus is on the performance rather than the technology, making the trick feel more natural and engaging. The app doesn’t require any pre-show preparations or coding, and it can be used even in areas with no cell reception, thanks to Wi-Fi calling.



One of the most exciting aspects of “The Stranger” is its ability to integrate with a variety of magic apps, expanding the possibilities for creative performances. Here are some of the integrations and revelations it supports:


      • Playing Card Revelations: Unveiling a chosen playing card in a unique way.

      • Book Tests: Revealing words selected from a book.

      • Object Revelations: Disclosing objects pulled from a purse.

      • Drawing Revelations: Revealing a drawing written on a piece of paper.

      • Time Revelations: Disclosing selected times on a wristwatch.

      • And More: The app’s flexibility allows for various other creative revelations.

    Pricing for “The Stranger” has been structured to cater to different needs and levels of interest. The standard version of the app is priced at $49, offering the basic functionality and a range of impressive features suitable for hobbyists and professional magicians alike. For those seeking a more advanced experience, the Pro version is available at $199. This version unlocks a wealth of additional features and integrations, making it an ideal choice for magicians looking to elevate their performances to new heights.  

    Please note prices and plans may have changed since the writing of this article!



    The app has been well-received in the magic community, with many praising its ingenuity, effectiveness, and the high level of customer support provided by Jonathan Levit and his team. This support enhances the user experience, offering a community of learning and shared experiences.


    For anyone interested in exploring the app further before making a purchase, there’s an ‘all access’ webinar with Jonathan Levit and the Conjuror Community team. This webinar provides detailed insights into the app’s capabilities and offers guidance on how to get the most out of it.



    In conclusion, “The Stranger” is more than just a magic app; it’s a comprehensive tool for magicians looking to blend classic magic with the wonders of modern technology. With its versatile features, range of integrations, and accessible pricing, it offers an exceptional value to anyone passionate about magic.




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