Spotted Dice by DiceSmith – 3 dice package – Andras Barthazi and Benke Smith

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What you receive with this version
With this you receive 3 dice, Red, Blue and White. Then the charging unit and a copy of the DiceSmith app worth $100. If you would like more dice they are available for an additional £50. Simply add them to your cart and let us know via the live chat which coloured dice you would like.

If you would like a different configuration than the 3 coloured dice above just let us know and we can send you replacement colours.

What is Spotted Dice?
The “Spotted Dice” set is the product of András Bártházi. Basically it is a normal looking 16mm dice set, with a special Bluetooth-enabled electronics insode the dice. We have designed them to look and feel like ordinary dice used with board games, with 4+1 designs to choose from:

  • white die with black spots
  • black die with white spots
  • red die with white spots
  • blue die with white spots
  • white die without spots
  • The price of the 3 pieces Spotted Dice set (with freely chosen color combination).

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