Blackpool Magic Convention

Alternatives to the Blackpool Magic Convention!

Blackpool Magic Convention is arguably the most loved and recognisable Magic Convention in the world. Magicians from all over the globe have collected in Blackpool since 1941 for a weekend of unforgettable magic.

So… after the sad and unfortunate news that Blackpool Magic Convention will not be going ahead in 2021, we thought it would be an interesting idea to look ahead to what could take its place in a strictly online format, come February 2021. 

Online Gallery:

Online Gallery

Imagine an online gallery similar to the one above where you can view exhibitions of all of Blackpool’s regular magic retailers! Clicking on each retailer’s picture will take you to a customised setup page for the retailer telling you a little bit about them and what awesome Magic Tricks they have available! Exactly like how a real online museum might work, you see the retailer’s name and picture, and click for more info. 

We think this is the most viable and achievable version of an Online Blackpool Magic Convention because





Virtual Reality

Ok this one sounds like quite a stretch but hear us out! How cool would a Virtual Reality Blackpool Magic Convention be! Imagine being able to walk around the halls of the main showroom from the comfort of your own home, witnessing the world’s best magicians performing close-up magic in front of your very own eyes (kinda) Using a VR headset you could place yourself inside a virtual world at the Blackpool Magicians Club as you check out the hottest new magic tricks from the biggest Magic Retailers. We’ve just not figured out how you actually purchase any Magic Tricks with this one yet.

We get that this one is probably more of a fantasy than a reality, but we can’t help but think about how cool this would actually be! Maybe next year…?




Dedicated Social Media Day:

Social Media

This option would take a new approach to the tradition of Blackpool, instead focusing on the magicians themselves and their own magic tricks. A unique hashtag shared across all social media platforms such as #BlackpoolMagic2021 for example would make sure all of the intended content remains in an easy to find location on each Social Media platform.





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