VERTICAL LAB PUZZLE (Difficult) by MyMagic
VERTICAL LAB PUZZLE (Difficult) by MyMagic
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VERTICAL LAB PUZZLE (Difficult) by MyMagic

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This puzzle was designed by MyMagic for all of you. The level of difficulty is 5 star out of 5.

MyMagic’s idea was to build low-cost and eco-friendly puzzles, with an innovation that makes them unique and different from the puzzles already on the market.

The materials used are eco-friendly and eco-sustainable, so that the environment does not suffer any negative impact from their production. In addition, the electrical power used to produce these puzzles is supplied by renewable sources.

The objective is to separate the various parts of the puzzle and then restore them to their original state. It may seem easy, but as soon as you think you’ve succeeded you realize that…

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