Vanishing Tube by 7 MAGIC
Vanishing Tube by 7 MAGIC

Vanishing Tube by 7 MAGIC


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It is a masterpiece that can completely examine the tube before and after the performance!

Effect 1: Show a metal tube (has a sealed bottom) to the audience and it can be checked. Put a silk into the tube. Magically the silk goes through the bottom of the tube! Pull out the silk and all these can be checked by audience.

Effect 2: Put a signed coin into the tube, and plug the top hole with flash cotton. Ignite the flash cotton and find the coin disappearing. Magically you remove the signed coin from your pocket! Or you can use with our “Nested Box (Aluminum)” as the demo, the missing coin reappears in the smallest sealed box.

  • Easy to use
  • Examinable before and after performance

Come with a tube and silk and instruction video (props are not included)

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