The Trick Brain by Dariel Fitzkee - Book
The Trick Brain by Dariel Fitzkee – Book

The Trick Brain by Dariel Fitzkee – Book


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The Trick Brain was created as a tool to help magicians develop new tricks. It teaches you how to create the mechanics of an effect with the understanding that how an effect is accomplished is not as important as the effect itself.

The Trick Brain is no mere book of tricks. It incorporates one of the most amazing ideas ever developed in magic. Dariel Fitzkee reduces all magic tricks to only 19 general, basic effects. Then he examines all the possible ways of combining any of these effects. He shows how to develop new tricks from old and how to evolve new plots and methods.

Then, you are introduced to The Trick Brain–an ingenious system, devised by Fitzkee, that actually

creates new effects…

tells you what you will need to develop…

actual things to use–and finally…

how to do the trick–even suggesting alternate methods!

Use this astounding system to create original tricks and original shows, or use it to revise old tricks. Reclaim magic props you no longer use. All of this is contained in a beautifully printed, 316 page hardbound volume.

The Trick Brain was definitely ahead of its time. It formalized a way of brainstorming, teaching the process… Whether you use Fitzkee’s actual steps or just use them as inspiration, The Trick Brain lets you appreciate the way magic is created and definitely starts you thinking in new ways.”
– Jim Steinmeyer

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