The Thread of Life LITE by Wayne Dobson and Alan Wong
The Thread of Life LITE by Wayne Dobson and Alan Wong
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The Thread of Life LITE by Wayne Dobson and Alan Wong

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Wayne Dobson, in association with Alan Wong, presents The Thread of Life LITE, an extraordinary performance package that explores the age-old question of human existence – “Why are we here?”. The package features Alistair Witchell’s theory, which is presented in Wayne’s TV series ‘A Kind of Magic’, where he performs a classic storyline based on the Gypsy Thread, titled The Thread of Life, with credit to The Gypsy Thread by Lewis Ganson.

The Thread of Life LITE is a comprehensive professional package that includes full performance rights to Wayne Dobson’s original script, which was specially written for his TV show. The package also contains an enhanced handling of the thread, with every detail of the preparation and handling of the thread professionally taught in the video instructions by Axel Hecklau.

The Thread of Life LITE is a timeless classic that allows you to learn from the masters, perform with the best quality props, and present an effect that is truly remarkable. The package comes with an antique Egyptian motif wooden storage box that contains one wooden spool of white cotton thread, along with the special wax that enhances the handling. The thread is made of 100% cotton and is very easy to break, which is an essential quality for performing the Gypsy Thread effect.

Overall, The Thread of Life LITE is an exceptional performance package that offers you the opportunity to explore the mysteries of life while showcasing your magical skills. With full performance rights and professionally taught instructions, you can now perform Wayne Dobson’s original script with confidence and finesse.

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