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March 22, 2011 7:03 am

The convention group ,Northern Magic Circle

The convention group ,Northern Magic Circle accounts that enrolments has raised from 50% in the year 2008 with the introduction of a website and making a new brand .Some of the well known magicians like Luke Jermay, Marc Oberon, Ian Keable ,Jay Scott ,Will Houston, Tom Stone as well as Thom Peterson are going to participate in the event. The event is going to happen on 16th as well as 17th April at the centre Scarborough Spa with all the dealers, lecturers, events and workshops taking place in it and you can register the show on www.northernmagic.co.uk with the Allan Clarke or using the number 01772 685073 before 31st March with the entry to the Golden Ticket draw which is free for the course given by Luke Jermay. Just wait and perceive the mysterious shows.



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