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Stage / Parlor Performer

Stage / Parlor Performer



Color Changing Feather - Large (9) by Mr. Magic - Trick

Three different colored feathers change colors as you simply pass your hand over them. Looks amazing!...



Automatic Milk Glass by Aprendemagia - Trick

An amazing improvement of a magic classic. You will receive a glass specially designed for a visual capacity of 500 ml of liquid. The magician shows the li...



SMOKE ONE GRANDE by Lukas - Trick

Add the production of smoke to your performances. It's dramatic! And, it offers misdirection for those important moments.

SMOKE ONE GRANDE is the upgrade...



Cloud Surprise by Amazo Magic

Audiences love surprises - in fact, that's what makes magic amazing. Here's a way to totally surprise your audience - they will not see this coming! Displa...



Mysto the Mouse by G Sparks

"Mysto the Mouse always finds the chosen prize" EASY AND FUN TO DO MYSTO BRINGS THE MAGIC TO LIFE THE SPECTATOR ALWAYS GETS A PRIZE Enjoy the magic by G Sp...



Airborne glass by John Fabjance - Trick

How would you like to perform a visual stunner for your audience? This effect is exactly that! While the magician is pouring liquid into a glass, he sudden...



Flexible Mirror/Needle Through Mirror by Tony Karpinski

Imagine this impossible scenario, because it blows the audience away!! The Needle Through Mirror, also known as the Flexible Frame, allows the performer to...



Six Card Repeat by Mr. Magic - Trick

Begin by counting out six cards. Drop three on the ground and when you count the cards left in your hand, magically, six are there again. Repeat this over ...



Rope with Four Ends by Mr. Magic - Trick

Display two pieces of rope. Stretch your hands as the two pieces magically form into one large rope. Next, show the rope has magically changed to have thre...



Nick Lewin's Taking Credit - Trick

Perfect for any working pro, or for anyone who wants to be a commercial working pro.

Taking Credit is a short and powerful credit card transposition that...



Flash the Cannonball Flea by G Sparks - Trick

"There is a flash from the stage as the flea appears, the flagpole moves, the cannon fires and there is a real splash as the flea lands in the water." REAL...



1 800 Go Ghost by G Sparks - Trick

"The chosen card travels, ghost like into a card box, that comes to life." A CARD TRICK WITH REAL ANIMATION Enjoy the magic by G Sparks

Two gloss white c...