Stage Magic Wand (Gold) by Telic Magic
Stage Magic Wand (Gold) by Telic Magic

Stage Magic Wand (Gold) by Telic Magic


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If you need an elegant magic wand suitable for walk-around performances, look no further than the Stage Magic Wand. Each wand is hand-crafted with precision parts and measure 12-inches long by 1/2-inch in diameter (easily fitting into a jacket pocket) and are perfectly weighted for the Vernon Wand Spin or standard finger spin.

Includes instructions with five tricks and fun things to do with your wand. Available in black with Gold (brass) or Silver (aluminum) tips, please specify when ordering.

“Slim, elegant and perfectly balanced.
It’s the perfect wand for close-up performers.”
-Jim Sisti

“They look terrific, and are the perfect size for the strolling magician.”
-Jon Stetson

“The wands are great!
This is a quality prop that deserves a wide audience.”
-Brad Burt


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