RUBIKS WALL HD Complete Set by Bond Lee
RUBIKS WALL HD Complete Set by Bond Lee
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RUBIKS WALL HD Complete Set by Bond Lee

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Rubik’s Wall HD by Bond Lee, Happy & D.K. Wong

Rubik’s Wall was a great success.

For the last 2 years we have been thinking how to make it even better.

So here it is, the Rubik’s Wall HD.

Now you can perform this ultimate Rubik’s Wall effect in high resolution.

Magic Effect:
You can have your audience freely scramble all 24 cubes and place them on the wall.
Have them think of an object, character or image, and it will become the exact image predicted.

New Case:
We have designed a new case for you to hold your Rubik’s Wall.
You can fit the entire set, including the cubes, inside our durable ABS material case.

The whole structure can easily be assembled and is travel friendly. This allows performers to carry the Rubik’s wall all over the world, and even place the whole set inside a backpack, truly packing small and playing big!
The specially designed structure can connect multiple sets of Rubik’s wall to create a big prediction. With this upgrade, the performer can create a 24-cube wall; combining four Rubik’s walls enables the performer to create a 96-cube wall and create a beautiful picture!

Multiple beautiful designs are provided, and images can be completely customized.
Rubik’s Wall has been the perfect tool for professionals who work with the Cube, and now it is even better.

Basic Rubik’s Wall HD Set

  • Rubik’s Wall frame x 1 – HD gimmick x 1 – HD stickers x 1 – HD cubes x 24
  • ABS Case x 1 – Tutorial instruction x 1 – Rubik’s wall designs – Turntable

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