ROULETTE by Magie Climax
ROULETTE by Magie Climax

ROULETTE by Magie Climax


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ROULETTE: A modern routine that plays with your spectator’s nerves!

Nowadays, mobile phones contain all our secrets. They are part of us; they share our privacy!

Let’s imagine a game, a game of luck: A spectator’s mobile phone is placed in a bag. This bag is mixed with 5 others, each containing a plate of the dimension of mobile phones. These bags are placed on two holders.

Then, a die is rolled, and each bag is eliminated, violently!

At the end, the remaining bag contains a phone — the spectator’s phone!

Very easy to stage
Everything is examinable
A new version of Russian Roulette!
CLIMAX manufacturing – 100% made in France!

You will receive:

– Two holders
– The dice
– Bags
– 5 “mobile size” plates
– And a little extra something that enables you to do the trick!

Online instructions in English and French

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