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John Holt, about Deadly Marked Deck By Daniel Meadows and

Jun 24, 2014

I absolutely love this principle and deck.. I was showed it at a magic convention recently and purchased it. At first I thought I wouldn't be able to read the cards but I picked it up in no time at all.. Highly Recommended by me!
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barry crompton, about The Experiment by Vinny Sagoo Magic Trick

Aug 24, 2016

The trick is well produced and although simple to perform seems to get good reactions. It is similar to a trick I purchased many years ago from Joe Riding but the presentation is an improvement. Delivery time was amazing .I ordered one night and received the following lunch time.
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Ivan, about Epic Writer by MagicWorld

Apr 2, 2015

A great piece of kit, easy to handle a setup. Despite the deceptive size of the packing box this writer is small and discreet, painted in a flesh tone for camouflage it can be loaded with virtually any ball point pen. With care this could last forever and be the first and last writer you'll ever need to buy.
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Guest, about Hopping Halves - Returning Coins UK Version

I love this trick. Easy to do for beginners, leaves you clean, but has an amazing effect.
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Mike Fuller, about Cerberus Wallet by Daniel Meadows - PURCHASED

Feb 11, 2015

This is a beautifully made and well designed mentalist's wallet. Daniel credits the manufacture to Tony Curtis and is exhaustive in crediting all the ideas he details in the accompanying 45 minute dvd that runs through the Cerberus Wallet's many uses.
The wallet is small and can even fit in a shirt pocket yet it contains a number of well designed features as well as containing your credit cards, notes and bits for daily use.
It is certainly one of the best wallets I have in terms of its simplicity but versatility.

Advantages: A range of different peeks, out to lunch and loads and switches plus index system are included in a very natural way into the wallet. Only close examination is likely to reveal anything and this should suit me well for daily use. A real plus for me is that the credit card slots really take the full card, something even non magical wallets often don't.
This is really well made and ordinary looking.

Disadvantages: Depth for the index is a bit limited if you use business cards rather than billets.
Daniel has tried to keep this wallet small which means that I need to wait and see how this wears and holds up in daily use stuffed with the usual tat I carry. It should become more flexible with use but it is too early to say that it does. This is a reservation rather than a disadvantage and why I've not yet given this five stars. If it wears and flexes well (as the quality suggests it should) then I'll be really delighted. At the moment I'm very pleased with the wallet.
If you want a good card to wallet there are better and this isn't really intended for that. If you want a good everyday wallet to use for mentalism this should be it.
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Mr. Will Powers, about Kevlar Boss Invisible Thread Reel - Sorcery

Aug 23, 2016

As expected you can't beat the genuine item as this was Watch out for all the fakes around

Advantages: Genuine

Disadvantages: Fakes
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Guest, about Mental Photography Deck Bicycle Red

This is such an easy trick to learn, but the effect is brilliant. No sleight of hand required to perform, just a few minutes to practise the handling of the cards was all I needed before I felt comfortable enough to show it to an audience.
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Alan Rorrison, about Cerberus Wallet by Daniel Meadows - PURCHASED

Feb 20, 2015

"Wallets, As magicians we love the bloody things...Looks like I've finally found one that does ALL I need and more. I've switched from the Real Man's Wallet to this. Good work Daniel Meadows!"
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Steve Ashcroft, about Chop Cup Aluminium

Aug 23, 2016

Really great service on more than one occasion, even opened up the shop for me to collect items, nothing seems to much trouble, highly recomended, Steve
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Guest, about Red Mirror by Helder Guimaraes

This is by far my favorite DVD. This is a MUST have if your an intermediate/advanced card magician. His peformances are FLAWLESS and the tutorials are so well explained.
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Guest, about Red Mirror by Helder Guimaraes

Basically, this is an amazing DVD. The material taught is incredible. Although most of it is difficult and will demand some practice, it is entirely worth the time and effort. In all my collection of DVDs (trust me, I have a lot), this is hands down my favorite. The quality it what you would expect from Dan and Dave, which is incredible and flawless.

That's pretty much it and what Derek DelGaudio say pretty much sums it up: "Watching Helder will make you a better magician."
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Guest, about Red Mirror by Helder Guimaraes

First, I had heard from the Bucks a few years ago that they were working with Helder Guimares on a DVD. We saw the downloads, and the first thing that jumped into my attention was what I’ve come to call “the Spanish style of magic”. In case you don’t know, Spain is very strong in card magic and heavily influenced by Ascanio, Pepe Carol, Tamariz, Miguel Gomez, and many other great magicians. You can tell, by the handling of the cards, the style of the structure of the trick, and generally the way the trick is executed, whether or not the Spanish style is implemented. Just watch and you’ll catch it. Trust me, it’s there and it’s beautiful.

Secondly, I feel that the world of magic has too many people who are putting out nonsense tricks out there. I would rant about this, but you know what I mean.

That being said, I am incredibly happy to know that products like Red Mirror exist. This is no bull, this isn’t here to hype some cool new trick, and is something that I think we should use as one of the examples on “what you should come close to or surpass if you are putting out a product”. It has Helder’s style and techniques that card magicians will really appreciate. More importantly, it has the thoughts behind every single trick, focusing in the details that make magic powerful (again, something influenced by the Spanish school), and many funny moments that makes this DVD a must-buy.

If you get this DVD, watch it with time and study it well. There’s gold in here, but you have to take your time to consume it all as there is plenty of great things in it. Again, take your time.

So, let’s start:

The first thing that you get when you play the DVD is a note on the screen that basically says that this material is from Helder’s own show and that it is his wishes that you find inspiration in it but not do it exactly like he does. Personally, I think from now on ALL DVD’s should include that!

The second thing, is that the tricks in this DVD are set in a way that you could perform it all as a show itself. Starts with an opener and finishes with a closer. So you are going to get a bit of everything that you need! It comes with the full performance in front of an audience of the entire thing. But, like the first thing I mentioned above, you should do it exactly like he does. Instead, find the inspiration behind it.

The DVD includes interview questions with Helder. His thoughts on structuring, his advice in magic, his history in magic, rehearsing, theater, classic plots in magic, and why he got into card magic.

It also has extras, such as footage from his lecture and Easter eggs. The eater eggs are really nice and one is just absolutely hilarious.
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Guest, about Instant Reset Wallet MK2 by Harry Robson

(advantage):There is a great idea with this wallet,4 card slots,room for the small change.
(defect) :The wallet has not good leather quality. Size is embarrassed ,if it is bigger, it will be easiler to let the card in.
; I have a question about the glue on the envelope. I don't know the material about the glue. when i use the 3M doubleSide tape ,The envelope seal place will hold secret hard card , so tell me the name of the glue please!!
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Guest, about Fire Wallet by Mark Mason JB Magic

utter rubbish doesnt even look like a real wallet. and when oppened it only has two card slots and even when your showing the wallet it is easy to see the gimmick. Was to ashamed of it to bother taking it out to the streets. dont waste your money
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Richard Johnson, about Flash Paper American Thin 4 Large Sheets

Jul 19, 2014

Love this flash paper and am a regular buyer - great quality and slightly thicker but great.
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Ivan Cobham, about Deal Of Misfortune by Jasper Blakeley

Mar 22, 2015

Really nice and simple, a no move packet trick anyone can learn in minutes and with minimal audience management in terms of handling, patter and flow, this trick is basically selfworking

Advantages: Direct self worker i can see being good closer for a gambler storyline set. Sort of narrow bridge size cards fitted perfectly into the last slot in my wallet.

Disadvantages: The card are well made and perfectly printed but my own personal dislike is the card stock could be better it feel like plastic coated three layer, a bit too flimsy for me. tricks definately a keeper if they get damaged im getting these custom reprinted on to bicycle cards
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Ivan, about Blackout by Nefesch - DVD PURCHASED

Jun 13, 2015

Very cool method that I can see applying to different things. No gimmicks or bluetooth just an old method applied in a new way achieved quite easily with maybe a moderate amount of audience management and instruction.

Advantages: Nothing added and no gimmicks just their phone and their freely chosen contact very impromptu

Disadvantages: Can't be done absolutely anywhere anytime it's is more situational effect and I believe background noise can be a problem.
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DR J.M. AYALA DE CEDOZ, about Infamous DVD and Gimmicks and Custom Book PURCHASED

Mar 5, 2015

"If you like what you see in the trailer and you like book tests, you will be very happy with this product. You will certainly be able to get much more out of it than what is presented as well - very versatile components in this package."
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Ian Scott, about TACTICAL by MagicWorld Red Version PURCHASED

Mar 28, 2017

I absolutely love this, it's really visual and gets great reactions. I was even searched afterwards. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

Advantages: Great value for money, easy to perform, comes with everything you need. Clear instructions.

Disadvantages: No disadvantages.
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sam brindle, about TACTICAL by MagicWorld Red Version

Apr 29, 2017

really effective trick and very easy to do, amazing ending that can be checked for any for any hidden this trick!!!!!!!!

Advantages: really good to take out and about

Disadvantages: none
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Guest, about Red Mirror by Helder Guimaraes

This is an amazing DVD. Everybody looking to learn some awesome card magic should totally get this. Even though the stuff on this DVD is a bit advanced, it is worth the practice because the tricks here are one of the best I have seen. Helder explains it expertly, so it is easy to learn.
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Guest, about Quantum Mechanics by Irving Quant

If you happen to be a fan of utility moves, much like Chad Nelson's Clip Shift, that allows you to accomplish so many fantastic and truly magical effects that will take your magic performance to unseen heights. Then you owe it to yourself and the audiences you will absolutely stun with what you will learn on Irving Quant's Quantum Mechanics DVD.

First off, the production quality is top notch, as you can always expect from Dan & Dave, who put in a tremendous amount of effort into making everything easily accessible. The navigation to each of the demonstrations and then explanations can be played all together at once, or you can pick which you would like to see first. Video and sound are just as amazing as any of the DVD's you can expect from D&D.

Irving Quant does an outstanding job on both demonstrating how beautiful each effect is performed, and taking plenty of time in his teaching to make sure you get the sleights and each effect down as perfectly as can be.
There are 3 of the essentials sleights taught, however you can choose to either use just one of the sleights for some of my favorite effects, like the Samurai Cut. Or use them in combination to really create some of the most breath taking, eye popping freak out magic effects that will certainly leave you remembered in each spectators mind for the rest of their lives.

The insane variety of tricks that are taught on this DVD truly are some of the most astonishing pieces of magic that can be done with your own deck or even a borrowed deck of cards. Which is what I absolutely love about utility moves like this, some of the effects are simply too magical to be performed without gimmicks, all while being gimmickless! Irving is definitely sharing something special with the magic community by releasing everything that is taught on Quantum Mechanics. My absolute favorite effect that you will learn on this DVD is the Samurai Cut which I already made reference too, and can also be seen on the video demo. The only thing missing is an audience and their reaction, which I can tell you, is almost too much for some people to handle! The extremely visual nature of taking either four aces, four signed cards or even a royal flush poker hand, squaring them in the deck and then tossing the deck across a table. Only to find the deck cuts itself into four/five perfect piles with an ace/signed selection on top, it astounds ME every time I perform it as well!

If you thought the 3 amazing different sleights and 9 truly magical effects were enough, you also get 2 bonus effects (Ambitious Kings & Theron's Trick) along with 2 additional sleights (Multiple Peek Control & Switch Location). So right there you know the extra time, effort and thought that went into the making of this DVD is Irving, Dan & Dave's testament to providing you with the opportunity to learn something you will love learning, performing and even creating your own effects, with a utility move that is brilliant in its design and effectiveness to take your magic to another level.

So if you're a performer who wants to REALLY spice things up in your magic and turn in to 11! Then I cannot suggest this highly enough because it's something so special and unique that you have to perform it in person and for a live audience to literally see it blow minds or stun them to silence, where you can hear a pin drop and the sound of blinking eyes and their jaws hitting the floor. Add this to your collection and your performance and you will certainly be glad that you did. Thank you Irving Quant, this is to be treasured forever!
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Guest, about Ultimate Beginner's Magic DVD Vol1 with James Anthony

Bought this for my niece who was enthralled from start to finish. She learned some amazing tricks and even amazed me until I watched the DVD. Now i'm annoying everyone with magic. A highly recommended DVD and very easy to understand for a total beginner like myself.
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Guest, about Snowstorm White

a really great stage magic. unfortunately they don't give you the instructions but it is easy to do.
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Guest, about Eternal Ropes With DVD

It is a really nice trick with multiple phases fits well to any act.
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