Reel Magic Episode 52 (Kozmo) - DVD
Reel Magic Episode 52 (Kozmo) – DVD

Reel Magic Episode 52 (Kozmo) – DVD


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Feature – Kozmo

Garrett Thomas talks to Kozmo about his life as a street performer and video producer, including great stories about Cellini, Harry Anderson, and his desire to have a positive impact on the magic community.


Tyler Erickson – Stronger Magic

Tyler discusses how to create focus using the tension and relaxation of your arms and stance.

Kainoa Harbottle – Coin U

Kainoa demonstrates how doing something you don’t like doing – like reading poetry – can actually be beneficial.

Christian Painter – Mindtripping

Christian teaches a simple, self-working mentalism routine using UNO cards.

Garrett Thomas – Try This! (at Home)

Garrett discusses the importance of being your our Mr. Miyagi, building muscle memory to streamline your movements.


David Regal – Tricks of the Trade

David compares tricks “Side by Side” and shows you some “Crazy Card Gimmicks!”


John Luka – “Card to Pocket”

A super-easy, sleight-free routine.

Vincent Mendoza – “Liquid Band II”

Vincent’s take on the rubber band staple.

Vincent Mendoza – “Straight Thru”

A killer double-penetration with no reset.

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