Reel Magic Episode 43 (John Carney) - DVD
Reel Magic Episode 43 (John Carney) – DVD

Reel Magic Episode 43 (John Carney) – DVD


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Feature InterviewJohn Carney:

John Carney tells John Lovick about how Dai Vernon taught him the importance of simplicity, punctuation, and the pursuit of natural movement.


Doc Eason
Behind the Bar
Doc and Garrett Thomas discuss the proper length of a show.

Tyler EricksonStronger Magic
Tyler continues his discussion on Spatial Relationship and shares a Simple Transformation Drill.

Christian PainterMindtripping
Christian shares a mentalism routine using the two-card monte system with business cards.

Garrett ThomasTry This (at Home)
Garrett discusses misdirection of the mind.


That’s Ridiculous!
Kozmo shares some ridiculous highlights from Magic Live!

David RegalTricks of the Trade
David thinks “Outside the Box” and shares his “Catch of the Day.”


Bill Cooke
“Boomerang Sharpie”
A Reel Magic Exclusive!

Ariel Shrum“Chaotic Correction”
A Reel Magic Exclusive!

Gregory Wilson“4 Coin Rolldown Flourish”
from School of Cool courtesy of Big Blind Media

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