Razor Switch Device (RSD) by Amazo Magic
Razor Switch Device (RSD) by Amazo Magic
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Razor Switch Device (RSD) by Amazo Magic

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After showing five sharp blades, the performer puts them in a plastic case. He removes the blades from the case, and places them in his mouth. A bit of thread is then put into his mouth. The thread is then slowly pulled out, and the blades are now shown to be attached to the thread! This is a high precision product – offering a new and better method for switching blades. This is a completely revised design, and is completely removable. You will be able to present this classic effect of blades coming out of your mouth, strung on a thread.


– Easy to use.
– High quality support, utilizing durable plastic material.
– Can be assembled in seconds.
– You can perform it even using your assistant’s hands, or on the table.
– The base measures 13 x 28 centimeters.

Video instructions included.

NOTE: Blades and Thread are not included. 

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